Spare Parts, Tooling Fabrication etc.

“Key Electrochem Limited Co.” KEYEC now expands its business with Semicon industries through providing precision toolings. We’re now engaging in fabrication of precision parts for the backend line particularly in Trim and Form, Taping, Testing, Cutters and the likes.

We have high skilled Specialists and CNC Programmers (CNC Wirecut / EDM, Lathe, Mill, Precision Grinding) to cater your precision needs.

We’re also making it easy by providing Precision Spareparts with the technology of PDLC coating to expand its tool life for your cost reduction needs.


Precision Tooling
  • Customized Design and Manufacture of Complex High Tech Equipment
  • Standard Equipment for Semiconductor Assembly And Test
  • Precision Tooling and Spares
  • Automation Solutions for Fibre Optics Electronics Assembly