Engineered Mold Dummy Leadframe, Paper “Fiber”

  • Recommend applications:

    • Alternative for precious metal leadframes or BGA laminate substrate with 7e bar
    • Fine pitch packages and/ or high density packages

    Special Features:

    • Laser cutting process – eliminate tooling charges
    • 2 ~ 3 days for evaluation samples after receipt of drawings
    • Stress relief and shrinkage compensation incorporated during design stage
    • Consistent and accurate dimensions resulting in better reproducibility of MOLDING results.
    • Stringent moisture control check prior shipping

    Major Challenges Surpassed:

    • Inconsistent MOLD filling caused by rough edges around minute dimensions
    • Uncontrolled moisture level causing curling, bowing, warpage, or wringkle
    • MOLD sticking or MOLD bleed resulting from inconsistent moisture content

    Special Handling Requirements:

    • Shipments are in sealed plastic bags with desiccant
    • Recommended storing similar to real production leadframe/s to preserve moisture properties

Proven Capabilities

✓ 80 x 280mm (396 unit per strip)

-The biggest paper strip produced that PASSED moldability

✓ 100 x 300mm matrix lead frame format

-PASSED simulation at 180°C but NO molding test done


Tooling Cost

✓ Zero (0)


-Minimal charges depending on design complexity.


Shipment Information:

✓ Ex-Works Sydney, Australia

✓ First Article Samples Leadtime

-2 to 3 working days upon receipt of required information

✓ 1st Order, Lead Time: 3 to 4-weeks ARO

✓ Succeeding Orders

-3 weeks ARO

Paper Material Information

✓ Type: Board Paper, Color = Buff

Available Standard grammage

◦> 200 GSM, for <10 mils thick strips

◦> 240 GSM, for 10 to 12 mils thick strips

✓ Typical Thickness:

◦> 200 GSM, ~0.23mm (reference only)

◦> 240 GSM, ~0.33m (reference only)

NOTE: Thickness varies with humidity

✓ Required Information:

◦Strip drawing indicating MOLD locating pins

◦Package outline drawing

      (if not defined in strip drawing)

◦Photo of MOLDED strip with runners attached

◦Photo of the MOLD bottom chase surface

If possible, please provide;

a)Actual sample of bare leadframe or substrate

b)Actual MOLDED sample with runners and cull (One chase)

Design Examples – N SOIC Universal Design Strip Dimension: 50.8mm x 228mm