Engineered Mold Dummy Leadframe, Paper “Fiber”

  • MOLD Tool needs to be cleaned to remove stain coming from MOLD Compound during the continuous shot.
  • Normally MOLD Production uses different Cleaning Materials such as Transfer Cleaner/ Conditioner and Compression Cleaner.

TRANSFER Cleaner/ Conditioner

This is basically a Cleaner and Conditioner Materials that produces on Pellet form and uses Transfer Type MOLDING Process to Clean/ Condition the MOLD Cavity. Process of this is the same of MOLD Compound.

Transfer Cleaning and Conditioning

Below is the typical cleaning and conditioning procedure. Frequency Cleaning: 400 ~ 1,000 production shots

KEYEC offers customized Paper Lead Frame which meet your expectations on cost saving, problem solving and process improvement. We fully utilize our Core Competency on MOLD Design and Lead frame Stamping to produce Paper       Lead frame beyond Mold Cleaning.

Our Engineers patiently optimize the size, thickness and cut design to get the best results and returns.

Our design assists our customers to move to the next levels of using Paper Lead frame for Assembly Processes.

Our Production Machines
Design and Cost Factors

What Are the Design Factors

The Major Factors in Designing a Paper Leadframe are the Size, Thickness, Holes & Design to eliminate Mold Bleed.

The Size: Length, Width and Thickness; Our experience has taught us what are the desired tolerances given to the size, we know the right thickness to compensate for the softer paper material.

The Number of Paper Layer for this Thickness; The price of 2 or 3 layers is many times more expensive than one layer. Multiple layers are required to be attached by special adhesive, curing and pressing processes.

The Location Holes and Through Holes; The locating holes are needed to locate the Paper Leadframe to the bottom mold accurately, we design    exclusively for some locations of through holes as to enhance the mold flow and eliminate the warpage stress.

Special Design to Eliminate Mold Bleed; We are the few of the specialized Paper Leadframe supplier to provide not only a lower sustainable material cost but also solution to resolve mold bleed delivered by Copper Leadframe or PCB Substrate.

What Are the Cost Factors

The Main Cost Factors for Paper Leadframe is the Paper Thickness, Paper Material and the Stamping Tool.

Paper Thickness: This thickness is required to be thicker than the copper leadframe or the PCB substrate, we have our own proven processes to laminate      multiple payers of paper to achieve the required thickness. On cost factor, usually the unit cost of a Paper Leadframe for a 0.15/0.20mm thick Leadframe or Substrate ranges from USD0.30-0.40 each depend on the length and width; the unit cost of a Paper Leadframe of >0.5mm thick Leadframe or Substrate is at >USD0.50 each.

Paper Material: The quality of the material is dependent on the heating and pressing process before cutting, we have

mastered this know-how and can ensure high heat endurance and minimum paper warp. This special process adds cost

to the Paper Lead frame, but it is absolutely needed to ensure quality and performance.

Stamping Tool :The cost of a stamping tool can range from US$500 to US$20,000; When there is an open tool, the customer still

needs to pay for the refurbishment cost every year. This cost is either paid out-front and enjoy a standard leadframe price or is

amortized into the unit price of the Lead frame. There is no real “free tool”.

Paper Lead Frame Operation & Support

Specialized support/ Purchase Flow:

  • Send us a sample(s) of actual lead frames that you currently use with the dummy product which mark the location pin and e-mail us a drawing(s).
  • Give us an idea of how often and how many molds you clean on an average day. We are able to provide to you a sample of our product for product testing.
  • Please arrange impress clamp and Melamine molding cured after receiving the sample. Send back the sample to confirm with your signature. Then you will receive our quotation. Notes:
  • We can customize specific Paper Lead Frames for you , and we can provide fast turnaround, prompt delivery of quality product to you.
Types of Mold Cleaning Accessories/Materials: Mold Cloth Liner, Paper Frame , Copper Frame

Example Of Trial MOLD

  • Machine selection : Auto Mold/ QFP Package
  • Method: Check the response after molded 4 shots
  • Result: Visually observe that using Cloth Liner and Lead frame achieve the same cleaning effect